Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Art of Mixing Prints

I'm not a big fan of wearing perfectly and meticulously matched outfits. In fact, my favorite outfits consist of opposing elements that usually don't go together but when they do, they create a pleasing juxtaposition. For example, toss a tough leather jacket on top of a lacey dress. Wa-la! You're a walking contradiction.

Contradictions are interesting and attractive.
So are mixed patterns. Another of my favorite mixed elements are stripes and floral. In a way, these two are contradictions; stripes are orderly, straight, and composed. Floral prints are spontaneous.

I wore a stripe and floral combo the other day, (The lesser quality photos below...ahem). I also paired the outfit with a tough, studded backpack for even more of a contradiction.

The first picture looks like I have a very muscular quad....
4th picture credit: 

Frassy has this concept down pat:


Jessica Hart; floral boho dress, studded converse, leather backpack, cute dog. Brava.
Vintage band tees with floral prints: Natalie Off Duty
Plaid, lace, army surplus jacket. Photo by Steven Chee
Have fun with it.

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